Louisa Percudani

To Thine Own Self Be True

I wasn’t going to write this week because last night I didn’t want to be a Debbie Downer. 

I entered the New Year with an excitement to take on all those things that are calling me and then found myself in an unexpected deep dive around my value. This isn’t going to be the lightest of posts so feel free to keep moving on to your next email. If you’re still with me here goes…

 At the end of 2019 I knew I wasn’t living the life I truly desired and something needed to change. My heart wanted what was most true i.e. true place, true love, true community surrounded by my family and friends. True alignment with what is my highest calling here.  

What needed to change was keeping my word to myself. I am great at keeping my word to others.  But to myself?... that is a different story. As I ended the year a friend suggested the book, “Inner Bonding” by Margaret Paul. 

What is that about you ask? Well it’s connecting back to your instinctual, gut feelings, the feelings of the “inner child”, i.e. “little Louisa”, or” little Johnny” and asking,” What do you need?”  Here’s an interesting fact; sometimes your inner child won’t respond because they have been ignored for so long.  

And why would we want to do this? Because we can minimize the painful conflict within ourselves. Free of inner conflict we feel peaceful, open to joy and open to giving and receiving love. 

I as the adult, got to get into dialogue with my “inner child” and assure this kid that I heard her and was listening to her feelings. Not burying them in overworking and over-eating. Instead I chose to go workout after work, cry, get angry and start to heal. By listening to my “inner child” I started to value myself with new choices. 

Though these new steps feel wobbly I know they are my path to wholeness and what is most true.

Together we connect,


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