Louisa Percudani

The In Between Space

Yesterday I found out I was furloughed. I was a bit shocked and surprised with the receipt of my afternoon email.  This was the second round of furloughs and I didn’t think I would be impacted especially since I had been in morning meetings discussing strategic initiatives.  

In the midst of sorting it out in my mind next steps with filing for Unemployment etc.  I came across my daily email from Richard Rohr: author, spiritual writer, and Franciscan friar.  The topic- Liminal Space.

A liminal space can be defined in several different ways. Julie Thomas defines a liminal space as a “threshold it comes from the Latin root word “limen” which means threshold. Liminal spaces are transitional or transformative spaces.

There are physical liminal spaces– a stairwell, elevator or airport lobby and then there are liminal mental states. Examples of a mental space that leave people in a liminal space are divorce, job loss, moving to a new place.”

Aren’t we all in a bigger liminal space right now? And a smaller liminal space within the bigger space? 

My liminal space called “furlough” has the unusual blend of peace and excitement where anything can be created if I choose to not resist what is happening and go with the flow of what is possible.

It’s sure to make this transitional transformative space one that’s easier to traverse right?  Or as the Italians say, “Attraversare” – let’s go through this together. 

Together we journey.



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