Louisa Percudani

“Suddenly you know you are alive” ~ Vera Nazarian

December 17, 2019

The trade winds returned tonight, blowing hard the Island’s trees.  Finally, piercing the oppressive wall of humidity that has hung in the air for weeks.  Reminding me how swiftly things can change. 

In the midst of this season I came upon the Netflix series, “The Royals” by accident and was instantly drawn in with the storytelling, the humanity and the intersections of family, country and faith. 

Queen Elizabeth was thrust into the head of the monarchy after the death of her father. It would be a change that would ask the “Crown” to be considered first in her life.  It would present her with many difficult choices within her family. 

I find myself initialing change in many areas of my life and some feel slow in coming.

Yet I stay steadfast in keeping my intention, meditating, praying and the big one, trusting that the changes I desire will come in divine timing.

And, also knowing what I desire may pale to the greater plan and therein lies the great mystery that comes with the adventure of change and being alive. 

Together we connect, 


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