Louisa Percudani

Nudged in the Right Direction

On Sunday night I took down the pictures on the walls in my living area and gave them happily to a dear friend. The next morning the bare walls struck me by surprise.

As I walked into the kitchen to make my morning tea gone was the framed oil painting of an ocean scene.  The canvas cracking in the sand. It was a gem I’d found in a Goodwill store.

The next day of bare walls cut a little deeper– Not sure where this is coming from? And this certainly isn’t a problem of any magnitude. 

When I moved in three years ago– my walls were bare for six months until my friends Bradd and Wes came to visit and stayed in my place while I was on the Mainland. 

When they picked me up at the airport they said, “We have a surprise for you.” When I walked in, they had started the transformation of my place with a picture of a red rooster hung in my kitchen and two beautiful pictures of Hawaiian flowers one red and one gold. They said, “It didn’t feel like you moved in.” and they were right I hadn’t.”  “So, we helped you to get started.” 

And started it did. I would go to Ross on my lunch hours and to Goodwill after hours.  I was looking for Hawaiian chic and cheap. I wanted to see how many gems I could find throw pillows, seashells for glass vases and soon my place became cozy. It became home. 

As I look at the bare walls, I wonder what had me keep them that way before Bradd and Wes showed up. So stark and cold. Maybe it was reflecting what I was feeling inside so it was okay. 

I lay out my suitcases again.  I came with two and now leave with four. As I wrap this set of my life and move on to the next movie in technicolor. I know what is most important remains, like friendships and family that nudge you in the direction you need to go.

I am going to be traveling soon. So, my weekly hellos will come back sometime in August.  Until then stay cool and be well. 



P.S.  I love to connect, feel free to comment.

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