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Have you ever been in the aftermath of a time in your life and wondered, "Why did this all happen?" Like what was the point of the devastation, the loss, the shattering of life as you knew it.  You find yourself at first putting together the pieces savaging the debris around you. 

Today is the day!  I am getting married!  Ha!  Just kidding but it feels like one of those joyous momentous days; getting my driver's license, putting on my cap and gown, first wedding dance with my love.  Today Russ’s book, “LIVE NOW” will debut on Amazon!

A new season is upon us. As the nights cool and the moon gets BIG. It's time to enjoy the Harvest Moon named by farmers because of its extra light.  This Saturday it will be upon us and it's a chance for us to pause and take inventory of our year thus far.

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