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December 10, 2019 I am short on words this week. In this season of giving and receiving I find myself pausing to take in the lights of the season, the smell of pine and holiday songs.  The holiday season is different for all of us. In the midst of all the running around I can listen to the voice that wants to remind me, stress me out or

So this is a stretch for me to share. Last Friday night I went to a big craft brewery to celebrate a friend getting her PhD.  It was a big venue with indoor and outdoor bars, a live band and a big dance floor.  I didn't know anyone but my friend and her husband.  I danced, talked over the loud music and people watched.   At one point a

Have you ever been in the aftermath of a time in your life and wondered, "Why did this all happen?" Like what was the point of the devastation, the loss, the shattering of life as you knew it.  You find yourself at first putting together the pieces savaging the debris around you. 

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