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It Never Ceases to Amaze Me

Do you ever have that feeling in the pit of your stomach?  It doesn’t have to be bad, but it doesn’t go away.  That gut feeling that makes you uncomfortable enough to notice.

For me the past weeks have been uncomfortable physically and emotionally and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.  Can you relate?

I think my back is better and then it seizes up for no reason. I wonder if I should move.  I wonder if I should start a viral campaign to end the epidemic of suicide.  Write another book? I wonder about my gut health and watch endless videos about the micro biome.  My mind exhausts me with all these questions. I know something new is pushing through.  It’s got my attention.

I know the only person in the way is me. Yes ME. And yes, YOU. You’re not in my way. You’re in your own way.  And you’re in good company. I know inside it’s time to make another leap.  For me it’s like clockwork, every two years I get antsy. I want to pivot and even those personality tests, i.e. the Myer-Briggs, the Enneagram, or DISC Assessment back me up. Yup, you’re looking for that next shiny object.

Fortunately, with age or enough wrong jumps I now pause when I want to pivot. I slow down and listen to myself. Am I running away? Am I coming from my power?

What is it that truly wants to be expressed? Life is now and I feel urgency! I know I haven’t even hit my stride yet and I am ready.  I am ready to link arms with those of you who are ready as well. Here’s what I know, you can’t do it alone. Maybe you disagree with me but eventually the isolation, the survival action mode gets old.

Connection first to yourself and something greater than yourself is key, and then look around you at your fellow humanity. It’s waiting for you.

Together we Connect,


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