Louisa Percudani

It All Starts With a Smile

Last Saturday I went to the community pool in my neighborhood. Only fifteen people are allowed in at a time to swim or walk in the pool and we must wear our masks as we wait.  It’s advisable to get there early to get your spot. 

When I arrived this week with the use of my cane (yeah, I’m making progress) a gentleman waiting gave me a big hello.  He wanted to know what happened to me and I simply said, “It’s an old injury.” 

When the lifeguards finally let us in, we all scramble to the women and men’s outdoor lockers.  I hustle for the deep end of the pool so I can be buoyant in five feet of water.  

And then we see each other without our masks, and we see each other’s smiles.  The swimmer on the lane next to me asks if I played volleyball or basketball with his mega-watt smile. I smile brighter as I look at his smile and I can feel the energy and connection coming off our shared smiles. 

As I left after about thirty minutes of walking– I see my first greeter and I wave and smile and he asks, “Do you feel better?” and I said yes I do.  My knee feels better yes.  But what really feels better is my spirit and connecting with those smiles. 

I miss the connection that comes with a smile and an expressive face. It makes me realize it’s one of the simplest things and yet so integral to our humanity.  

So, as you take that mask on and off. Take time to flash someone with your smile. You’ll be glad you did! And so will they…



P.S.  I love to connect, feel free to comment.

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