Louisa Percudani

Is It Over or Just the Beginning

Last Tuesday I got an email with the Subject: Furlough Update. I was one of the last employees to get notified that my job was being terminated. 

My time in Hawaii is over. I also knew that it was a possibility given the impact of Covid on our company.  I’ve been looking for new work but still the finality left me with a sludge of feelings for a couple of days. I find endings of any kind hard. 

Hawaii was an adventure for me.  Something about it called to me three years ago when I was offered a job here. When I got here, I expected to find another state but soon realized it was its own country.  The beauty of Hawaii softens you.  It has its own rhythm whether watching a hula dancer, a surfer, or a sheer curtain dancing with the trade winds.  Everything flows.  I had some friends tell me who have lived here for a long time. “Hawaii’s energy has an effect on you. It will break down your armor.” 

And it has and that’s a good thing. Growing is always good and some days here have been the hardest I have faced. Yes, even in Paradise. So now I am returning to the Mainland to my hometown to my family.  I am excited about this next adventure because I am following my heart and soul.  My head can keep me up at night if this is right or wrong but i know when I follow what calls me I can never go wrong. 

 Is it time for things to end? What’s calling you? 

Together we journey endings and beginnings, 

Love, Louisa 
P.S.  I love to connect, feel free to comment.

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