Louisa Percudani

Gifts of the Season

December 25, 2019

It’s not Christmas or Hanukkah until……fill in the blank.

The holidays are a bridge of memories from the past. Some of mine include my Croatian
grandmother waving a tin can of incense as we entered her home for Christmas Eve.

She is long gone but the scent of frankincense will bring me back to that moment again and again. 

The true gifts of the season are intangible and whatever place you find yourself this holiday season…I’m reminded of Ram Dass’ words, ”Be here now”, who transitioned on Sunday leaving a legacy of  extolling the virtues of mindfulness and grace. 

So, wherever you are with loved ones or cranky ones, with many or alone, with sadness or joy,

may you know the gift of love that awaits us all. 

With love and peace, 


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