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I am the contributing author of LIVE NOW a book about Russ Symmes and his inspirational journey of how he found purpose, love and healing in the face of a terminal illness. The love part is where I come in, as we were married. In honor of his legacy my mission is to spread our LIVE NOW message of positivity, resilience and living full out no matter what you are facing. I have been there, too. I want you to know anything is possible whether you’re traversing a hard moment, finding your aliveness again after a major loss, or ready to take the big leap into your dreams. It’s time to stop doing it alone. Ready to join me? Let’s connect.

Nov 12, 2021

What Matters Most Now

On Sunday when I got to the beach, the first thing I saw was a boat speeding across the water. I smiled and said, “Hello Paul”. One of my brother’s favorite things to do was to chase the ferry across the Sound from Connecticut to Long Island. He loved being in the wake of that boat.

Just as boats do, people also leave their wakes behind. I would like to share with you a special person that I crossed paths with in an online class I am taking with Modern Elder Academy.  His name was Dr. Daniel Friedland, but everyone called him Dr. Danny, a doctor and leader in Neuroscience, Mindfulness and Conscious Leadership, and author of “Leading Well from Within”.

I never met Dr. Danny, but I listened to him being interviewed about his journey with a terminal brain tumor. He shared in the immediate news of his diagnosis that his brain searched for safety (actually that’s what all our brains do). Then came the grief response and as he navigated what was next, the question that arose for him was, “What matters most now?”

Instead of why me he focused on “What matters most now?” His answer, “Make every moment count” and “How would he do that?”

“1) Live intensely loving relationships. 2) Express love for the mystery of life and the fabric of the universe which is a field of conscious loving energy.” Here is link to the conversation he had with Julie Reisler. https://youtu.be/dsQ_gcfSuv8

He shared, when we open our heart, we connect to that field. And in that field, we can connect to anyone — the love remains. Dr. Danny transitioned on Halloween and though I met him briefly he profoundly changed my life.

This week on LIVE NOW, “Follow your Bliss” we meet Todd Ant, a dear friend and award-winning sports anchor and reporter who has traveled the globe covering major sports events including 17 Super Bowls, 12 World Series, 32 Final Fours and 9 Olympic Games. Todd shares many gems from his journey and “how we all can get to our own personal championship.”
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