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I am the contributing author of LIVE NOW a book about Russ Symmes and his inspirational journey of how he found purpose, love and healing in the face of a terminal illness. The love part is where I come in, as we were married. In honor of his legacy my mission is to spread our LIVE NOW message of positivity, resilience and living full out no matter what you are facing. I have been there, too. I want you to know anything is possible whether you’re transversing a hard moment, finding your aliveness again after a major loss, or ready to take the big leap into your dreams. It’s time to stop doing it alone. Ready to join me? Let’s connect.

January 14, 2020

I Waited

I waited.

I once spent three hours in line at Tower Records to get her autograph. Not for me but for my father. He’d sit on the back porch in his letterman jacket and her music would lift the night…”Anticipation”, “That’s the way I always heard it should be”, and “Nobody does it better… baby you’re the best.”

When I finally made it to the front of the line Carly Simon asked, “Who is this for?” I replied, “My father, he loves to smoke his cigar and listen to your music”. “What’s his name?” she asked, “Richard”, I replied.  She said, “That’s my father’s name too”. She signed it, “To Richard something new(old) to smoke your cigar by”. And to his delight I would have it framed for Christmas.

I can remember at that time listening to Carly’s words…

“I know nothing stays the same
But if you’re willing to play the game
It’s coming around again.”

I wanted it to come around again (actually I wanted him, someone I really loved at the time) and then life would be okay like for forever. What I didn’t realize in the naivety of my youth is that’s it always going and it’s always coming around again.


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